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Ultimate Guide to Catalogue Debt

Using store or online catalogues can be a convenient way to purchase items and spread the cost through monthly repayments. Catalogues can help you make larger and expensive items more affordable. This is because you won’t have to pay the Read More

How Does Debt Affect Your Credit File?

If you miss payments to your creditors, this could affect your credit rating. If your credit rating suffers, this will make it difficult to get credit in the future. Your credit file will show you detailed information about any credit Read More

Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Debt

Credit cards offer convenience when buying items online or in store, they allow you to pay back the money through instalments at a later date. This can be useful, if used correctly, but if you’re not careful, it becomes an Read More

7 helpful tips that may save you money

It’s always better to have more money, right? Earning a higher wage/salary would be nice, but there’s another way to have more money for the important things in life. You can do this by finding ways in which you could Read More

How To Manage Your Money By Budgeting

Not all budgets work according to plan. If you’re looking at your monthly spending figures, you may have forgot to account for extras such as daily snacks, additions to your weekly shop, or money spent on an annual holiday. To Read More

5 Common Bailiff Myths Debunked

Today, one of the main challenges individuals and families are faced with when being threatened with bailiff action is, knowing their rights. It’s important to know what a bailiff/enforcement agent can and can’t do. Over the past few decades, the Read More

The Pros and Cons of a Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan (DMP) is one of a number of different solutions available to help you manage and reduce debt. In a debt management plan, most or all of your creditors can agree to accept a lower monthly payment Read More