Wescot Credit Services – Debt Collection Agency

Have you received any correspondence from Wescot Credit Services?

Being in a complex financial position can be challenging enough for the vast majority of people. Attempting to make repayments on time to each of your creditors for things like personal loans, credit cards, store cards, catalogues and overdrafts isn’t always easy with everyday living expenditure constantly rising each year.

It’s important to remember that debt collection agencies such as Wescot Credit Services are not enforcement agents. They do not have the same legal rights.

Who are Wescot Credit Services?

Wescot Credit Services is a UK debt collection agency.

Wescot Credit Services work for a number of organisations within the UK, including all of the large banks, as well as credit card providers, energy companies, telecoms and a whole range of other organisations

Debt Recovery organisations employ Wescot Credit Services to recover debts owed to them by their customers. The debt collection agency will try to contact you to discuss your options regarding the repayment of any outstanding balances.

The company is trusted to act on behalf of these creditors to work with you and base your repayment plan on your individual circumstances.

All money collected by Wescot Credit Services is returned to the original creditor and towards your outstanding debt with them. Wescot do not add interest to your account or charge you for collecting the arrears.

If you’re struggling with debt and need help with Wescot Credit Services. Call our specialist advisors today on 0800 121 48 63 or complete the online form on this page to request a call-back.

What can Wescot Credit Services do?

Wescot Credit Services are not given any additional legal rights to assist them in recovering outstanding debt. They are unable to take additional action whereby the original creditor would not be able to take themselves. Wescot Credit Services will be required to use a similar recovery process and follow the same guidelines as the original creditor that you owe money to when recovering the outstanding debt.

Wescot Credit Services can use a number of different methods to contact you. In most cases, you will be contacted by Wescot with letters and phone calls.

Corresponding with Wescot Credit Services can be difficult, especially when you start to receive phone calls and letters from them.

However, Wescot Credit Services and other debt collection recovery agencies are unable to give you misleading and incorrect information about their legal procedures..

The specialist advisors at Refresh Debt Services will take into account your current financial situation and help you find a solution that is right for you. We’re able to help you set up a sustainable repayment plan. We can do this for debts that are held by Wescot Credit Services, as well as any other debts that you may have.

Speak to a specialist money advisor today on 0800 121 48 63 or simply complete the online form to request a call-back.

What should I do if Wescot Credit Services contact me?

First and foremost, do not escalate the situation by ignoring their calls and any letters Wescot send you.

Knowing your rights and what you should be doing at each stage of the Wescot debt recovery process will help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Refresh can help you by discussing a range of financial solutions that are available.

Debt collection agencies such as Wescot Credit Services will send you many automated letters. They will ask you to contact them by telephone to arrange a repayment plan. If you’re unable to do this, they could threaten you with a home visit.

If the situation does escalate, Wescot Credit Services could attempt to offer you an out of court settlement. Sometimes, they can take you to court to obtain a county court judgement (CCJ) for the unpaid debt or in a number of rare cases, even make you bankrupt.

It’s important to remember that these are all automated letters, a standardised letter will be sent by Wescot Credit Services to everyone they try to recover unpaid debt from.

It can be difficult and frustrating to set up a repayment plan with Wescot Credit Services. This is why Refresh Debt Services can help you do just that. We’ll find you a solution that you can realistically afford through monthly instalments. We do this by considering your current financial position. A household income and expenditure sheet will help us identify what your best available option would be.

Have you been contacted by Wescot Credit Services? If yes, speak to one of our friendly specialist advisors for free and impartial advice. We’re able to understand your current financial situation and advise on a range of solutions, helping you become debt free.

How do I contact Wescot Credit Services?

You can contact Wescot Credit Services through a number of different ways.

If you wish to contact Wescot Credit Services via post, you can write to them at: Wescot Credit Services Limited, PO Box 137, Hull, HU2 8HF

You can contact Wescot Credit Services via telephone by calling 01482 484673

Their office opening hours are as follows:
8:00am – 9:00pm, Monday to Friday
8:00am – 4pm Saturday
9:00am – 4pm Sunday

Remember that any telephone calls you make may be recorded.

Visit Wescot Credit Services’ website directly at: https://wescot.co.uk/

If you need to email Wescot Credit Services, you can send them a message at: contactus@wescot.co.uk

A map showing Wescot Credit Services’ Head Office location can be found below.

How can Refresh help me stop Wescot Credit Services?

Our team of specialist money advisors know exactly how worrying and challenging it can be when you are being contacted by a debt collection agency such as Wescot Credit Services.

This is why we provide impartial advice and guidance to help you and many others find a solution that’s right for your circumstances.

If you need help with Wescot Credit Services as well as help with any other debts that you may have, call our specialist advisors today on 0800 121 48 63 or complete the online form on this page to request a call-back.