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What is a Debt Management Plan?

A Debt Management Plan is an informal debt solution.  It is a way of paying your creditors back on a weekly or monthly basis at a level you can afford.

With a Debt Management Plan you make one lower monthly payment based on what you can afford after you pay your priority payments like mortgage, rent, utility bills, food and transport.  A Refresh Debt Adviser can help you work out how much you can reasonably afford to pay towards your Debt Management Plan.

When you are on a Debt Management Plan with Refresh we will negotiate with your creditors to completely freeze interest and charges on your accounts so that your full payment goes towards repaying your debt instead of always paying interest and charges.

The great thing about a Debt Management Plan is that it is flexible so if you need to decrease your payments to your Debt Management Plan you can and if you want to increase your payments to get your debt paid off quicker you can do that to.

You keep paying your Debt Management Plan until you debts are repaid in full.  When you are on a Debt Management Plan with Refresh you are not under a contract to stay with us until your debts are paid off.  You can stop your plan at any time you want without any penalties.  

Client Testimonial

“Refresh was a breath of fresh air in troubling times their people are friendly and did everything possible to find me a payback scheme I could follow. Since setting up with Refresh I haven’t had to deal with any of the companies I owe money to. They are just a free phone call away when I have any problems and I would and have recommended them to others.” Wendy, Kettering

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Advantages of a Debt Management Plan

Reduced monthly repayment to a level you can afford

We will negotiate with your creditors to stop or reduce interest and charges on your accounts.  While we cannot guarantee that the outcome of these negotiations will be favorable we will do our utmost to secure the best possible outcome for your debt management plan.

Reduce the stress and pressure of trying to repay your debts, we will deal with all your creditor paperwork and calls so you don’t have to.

One monthly payment, instead of paying your creditors individually you make one repayment to Refresh Debt Services and we distribute them to your creditors on your behalf.

Disadvantages of a Debt Management Plan

It is very likely to have an adverse effect on your credit rating in the short, medium and long term.  This means it will be difficult to obtain credit during and after the debt management plan has ended.

It may take longer to repay your debts because of your reduced repayments.   However it is important to remember that your reduced payment on your debt management plan is based on what you can realistically afford to repay after conducting an in depth income and expenditure statement with one of our experienced debt advisers.

A debt management plan may cause your accounts to go into arrears or further arrears as you will not be making full contractual payments to your creditors.  Because Debt Management Plans are an informal debt solution this may lead to further legal action such as a Default, CCJ, Default or Bankruptcy Petition.

Fees & Key Information You Need to Know Before Joining a Debt Management Plan

Our debt solutions are unique to each client to help you discover the quickest most cost effective method out of debt. Our fees are 100% dependent on your personal circumstances and we offer a unique Money Back Guarantee at Refresh Debt services we are upfront about our costs. Click here for Fees & key info.

Repaying your debt over a longer period of time can increase the total amount to be repaid. Your ability to obtain credit will be affected in the short term and may also be affected in the medium to long term. Fees are payable when continuing service is provided. A debt solution increases the likelihood of falling into arrears or increasing arrears.

You can also read The Insolvency Service’s guide ‘In Debt? Dealing with Your Creditors’.