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We at Refresh are really passionate about helping people like you get out of debt once and for all.  We have been about since 2008 and we know a thing or two about clearing debts.  So far we have helped our client’s clear over £9 million of debts!

No matter what your situation you can be guaranteed we have dealt with something similar before.  We are experienced, trustworthy and most importantly, approachable.  You can call us, email us, text us, we don’t mind… No question or query is unimportant.  We promise to give you our time and our expertise.  We will guide you every step of the way on your journey to becoming debt free.

Money Advice Service

You can get free debt advice from the Money Advice Service – an organisation set up by the Government to offer free and impartial advice to those in debt. Click here for more information

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We are not a call centre and we never use hard sell tactics, we are here to help & advise.  So don’t worry about speaking with us, if you only want more information at this stage that is absolutely fine, promise.

Don’t put it off until later because your debt will only be bigger by then.  Make the call now and find out where you stand.

We will be able to help you decide which debt solution would suit your circumstances best.

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What is a Debt Management Plan?

A Debt Management Plan is a way of reducing your monthly repayments to your creditors when you can’t afford to make them in full.  A Debt Management Plan is an informal debt solution and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Refresh Debt Services have helped thousands of clients manage their debts through a Debt Management Plan.  We currently manage approximately £15,000,000 of debt for our Debt Management Clients and we have helped our clients clear over £9,000,000 (yes £9 million!) of debt since 2008!

  • One lower monthly repayment
  • We negotiate to get interest and charges frozen on your accounts *However we cant guarantee this outcome
  • We deal with all creditor phone calls & letters
  • Peace of mind knowing you have an affordable plan in place to repay your debts at a level you can afford
  • Dedicated Client Liaison Officer who deals with your Debt Management Plan from start to finish
  • You pay off your debts in full
  • It may extend the time it takes to repay your debts
  • It can affect your credit rating in short, medium and long term
  • It is an informal debt solution so creditors can take further enforcement action
  • Interest and charges may continue to accrue on your accounts

What Fees Are For:

  • Reviewing your initial draft proposal, calculating your payments to creditors, the production of a financial statement and proposals for your creditors as well as the initial negotiation with creditors by phone, letter and email to set up your agreements for reduced payments.
  • On-going communication with both creditors and yourselves, continuing active negotiation to reduce interest and charges wherever possible, distribution of your payments, creditor harassment complaints and annual reviews of your plan.
  • Online access to your personal log in area which has updated information on your plan including a summary of your budget, creditor correspondence and a negotiation report showing the status of each agreement.

No upfront fees are taken by Refresh Debt Services to cover the set up costs of the plan. Instead the set up costs have been spread over the first 6 months of the plan. This prevents a delay in payments reaching creditors, but means the first 6 payments to creditors will be reduced slightly.

  1. Refresh Debt Services will charge you a monthly management fee for the running the debt management plan.
  2. The first 6 months management fees are higher due to level of work required in the initial months including the collating of relevant information, preparing proposals to creditors and negotiating the freezing of interest and charges.
  3. The normal on-going monthly management fee will be 17.5% of the monthly payment with a minimum of £32 and a maximum of £100.
  4. For the first 6 months of the plan you will be charged 35% of the monthly payment with a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £200.
  5. To ensure ‘significant payments’ are made to creditors at all times and to ensure the fair treatment of customers, we will reduce fees on a case by case basis and where the monthly payment is lower than average.
  6. Where appropriate, we also negotiate informal settlements where clients are able to generate lump sums to pay towards all or some of the debts. Such informal settlements which achieve some level of write off negotiated by Refresh Debt Service are charged at 10% of the amount saved.

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Important Information About Our Services & Fees

Whilst we strive in all cases to negotiate the best deal with your creditors, we cannot guarantee a reduction in interest or charges. For information on our fees, and for information about debt management plans from Refresh Debt Services read our terms & conditions

Find out important information regarding all debt solutions by clicking here.

You can find details of our complaints procedure here.